Commercial Energy Audits in India: What are the Steps Involved?

Post date: Feb 10, 2013 3:51:19 PM

What are the steps involved in getting a commercial building energy audit in India?

Advice provided by: Yusuf Turab, Y T Enterprises

Many thanks for your question, I am glad you asked this one. Since your question is not very specific I will just suggest a few steps that will help your research and keep the details for later.

I recently spoke at an awareness seminar on Green Buildings for the Public Works Department Engineers here in South India. At the end of my speech, the first question I received was, what do we do about our existing buildings. My answer to them was the following:

First you need to bring about a change in occupant behaviour wherein you conserve, preserve, reuse, recycle and bring about a smart work culture where nothing gets wasted and where everyone realises that everything one uses has some value attached to it.

The second thing I asked them to do was to get an energy audit. An energy audit done professionally is one of the most important steps in greening a building. Many buildings have managed to save up to 30% on their energy bills as a result of a professional energy audit.

If your question pertains to the Indian context, I must warn you that commercial building energy auditing is not a common practice as of yet. In fact I do not know of a single commercial building around me that has got a professional energy audit done. Almost all energy audits done in India are under the industrial category. There are many firms in India that examine various industrial machinery and provide reports on their energy performance but I do not know of any recognised firms that do building audits, at least here.

Since you are looking for a commercial building energy audit, I would recommend using the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Website. The BEE conducts exams every six months to certify energy auditors and energy managers. You could contact all the certified energy auditors in your area and find out if they provide energy auditing services professionally. Please note: These candidates are only certified energy auditors and are not accredited by the government of India. So there is no guarantee that they have the knowledge to carry out large scale commercial energy audit. That is for you to find out if they work in a professional organisation that is in the business of providing energy audits for commercial buildings. Whoever you talk with, make sure you ask them to provide at least 3 work references before you employ any of them.

I have also uploaded an article from the WME magazine that will help you understand what are the various types of energy audits, what are the steps involved in getting an energy audit, how the audit is performed, how the results are presented, how the results are to be reviewed and lastly how one is supposed to act on those results.

I would also recommend getting a copy of "Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits" from ASHRAE. This is an excellent guideline providing all the learning you might need on the data one should expect to get out of a desired level of audit.

Hope this helps