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What makes InHabit@Work so great?

Most images below are only representative and not taken at the actual facility. The on site images will be updated soon.


The raison d'être of InHabit @Work is aspiration and connections, dialogue and relationships. Dialogue among members with interest in each other’s jobs and values and with respect to each other. This facility will be run by the community for the community.


If one were to draw a circle around a map of Coimbatore, the Mill Road and NH road junction would fall right in the centre! We are located right at the head of this junction. Every major market and transport hub of the city is within a 2 KM radius from us. 

Health & Well-being

The office spaces have optimum daylighting and views of the street activity and nearby school ground. Highly treated and filtered fresh air is constantly delivered to the work spaces to enhance the health and well-being of members.

Radiant Cooling

This is Coimbatore's first office building that has a radiant cooling system in installed in the RCC slab; providing higher comfort with radiation cooling, reduced air draft and consistent room temperature. You have to experience it believe the difference!

Common Breakout Spaces

Despite the high density commercial location of the building; every floor has a breakout space with podium gardens and outdoor furniture so occupants to can just sit back and relax when needed.

Green Building

InHabit@Work is Coimbatore's first EDGE ADVANCED certified green building; thereby ensuring a third party verification of the buildings' superior comfort, energy and water efficiency along with materials sustainability.

Parking & Bicycle Storage

Spaces to park about 45 two wheelers is available in the basement. Cars have to be parked at a public parking space about 100 meters from the building. All forms of public transport and cab aggregators are available right outside the main entrance.

Office Essentials

Full power backup with wireless laser printing in A4 and A3 along with scanning and copying are available on both floors. Office essentials like stationery and courier services are available anytime and will be billed at the end of the month. 


Order your favourite beverages and snacks right from your desk. Our cafe partner on the ground floor will deliver the freshest goodies. The food and beverages are billed to you at the end of the month. 

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms seating anywhere between 6 to 12 people are available with audio visual facility, wired and wireless connectivity, white boards, guest wifi and off course beverages and snacks on call.  

Training Facility

With a projector, sound system, lighting controls, a session video recording system, views to the landscaped atrium below and breakout spaces; we have just the right event facility for up to 40 delegates. 

Roof Top Dining

Roof top covered dining area with landscaping, lily ponds, board games and break out spaces; one can be forgiven for forgetting that this community space is located in the most crowded part of the city. 

EV Charging

Sustainability and green building is the essence of everything we have tried to create in this space. In a hope to bring about a shift in the way our members commute, Electric vehicle charging will be offered free of cost for as long as it remains financially viable. 

Access Control

The main door to the private desk area is access controlled through RFID. Only your fellow members; who you will eventually know, interact and become friends with are allowed in the private area. Guests can be entertained in one of the breakout spaces. 

Virtual Office

InHabit@Work Virtual Office helps you create a professional image for your business without booking an actual physical space. Use our building as your address and point of contact; we will manage the rest. 

Space Design

While the space design clearly reflects our core values of environmental sustainability; we have truly embraced the concept of enhanced productivity through communication, collaboration, and community.

High Speed Wi-Fi

Unlimited access to secure high speed Wi-Fi with guest login functionality. The printing, scanning and snack ordering will work through a single Wi-Fi network.


In house cleaning and janitorial staff will ensure your space is flawlessly clean. All cleaning is carried out using certified green products that are non toxic, organic and completely free of any harmful VOCs.


Every desk comes with its own set of lockable drawers. Additional lockers are available for storing anything else you might need to. The locker facility usage is billed at the end of the month.

Private Desks

Research says that members using private desks are more likely to retain membership long term and be more involved in the community activities. Hence, our space is private desk only

Membership Plans

What is the key difference between the large scale branded Shared offices that are popping up everywhere and a Co-working space like InHabit@Work?

The biggest difference would be how much influence you can exercise on running the community. The essence of the coworking space lies in the fact that use of space and running the community comes as one. If you are a member, you can not only use the place but also assume the responsibility in the planning and running of the community. You can even plan the events within the co-working space.

Post Covid, how do you plan to minimise spread of disease within the facility?

Plenty of design interventions have been brought in to minimise contact with surfaces and prevent spread of any infection within the facility, these include but are not limited to:

  • Germicidal UV treatment system in the fresh air supply unit.

  • Sensor taps and hand dryers in the restrooms.

  • Access to hand sanitisers in every floor

  • Contact less water dispensing

  • Keyless entry with automated doors

  • Increased fresh air supply in the offices.

  • Protocol for regular disinfecting of high touch surfaces.

  • Minimising use of absorbent materials.

I understand InHabit@Work is a Community Working space (and not just a shared office), how does that benefit me?

Usually, when you look into the shared office to use it as coworking space, the parameters coming to your mind are “What sort of facility? What kind of services are available?” The people who run share offices would make an appeal of the characteristics of the facility such as functionalities, ease of access, and prices. However, in the basic running of co-working space, what comes into the core is aspiration and connections, dialogue and relationships. The voluntary collaboration would not be there without dialogue among members with interest in each other’s jobs and values and with respect for each other. In other words "there is a consensus that you can talk to the other"

How would I get billed, and what if I want to give up my membership?

Billing works on a monthly pre-paid cycle. To become a member one has to pay two months membership fee, one month fee goes towards a one time refundable deposit and one month fee as a payment towards the monthly membership subscription. From here on, the member is automatically billed on the date of joining every month. The invoice has to be processed by the member within 7 working days; without exceptions. 

If any member wishes to relinquish their membership, one simply needs to give us a notice of 15 days or up to the end of the billing cycle, whichever is higher. The security deposit will be refunded to the member at the end of the billing cycle.

Space Booking Plans
Meeting Room

Starting from ₹300/hour

6 to 12 seater meeting rooms

  • Smart LCD Displays

  • Video and Audio Conferencing

  • High Speed Internet

  • Paid two wheeler parking based on availability

Custom Cabins for Teams
Starting from ₹150/Sqft

Custom built cabins for small team

  • Customised private cabins for teams of 5 or higher

  • Purpose built as per user requirements

  • Free two wheeler parking

  • Access to the meeting rooms and conferencing facilities for 16hrs/month

  • Full access to space during business hours

  • Listed as member on our website

  • Access to our member only events

  • Free hoarding space on arterial road
Events & Training Hall

Starting from ₹10,000/day

35 seater seminar hall

  • Option to video record events

  • Large projector screen & Whiteboard

  • Top of the line audio and acoustics

  • Theatre style seating with comfortable cushioned seats

  • Roof mounted LCD displays for back row viewing

  • Access to roof dining area for food service