Perfect Engineers

InHabit is providing green building consulting, facilitation, training and marketing services to the Coimbatore based Perfect Engineers for their upcoming integrated pump manufacturing unit at Arasur, Coimbatore.

On completion, Perfect Engineers factory is expected to be among the top health and environmental performers in the region and only the second Platinum certified green factory in the region.

Client: Perfect Engineers

Scope of work

  • IGBC Green Factory ratings facilitation services along with master-plan rating

  • Introduce best practises in energy & water management.

  • Provide accurate energy efficiency and water efficiency data.

  • Help minimise waste during construction and introduce best practises in waste management post occupancy.

  • Improving indoor environmental quality to meet minimum daylighting and ventilation requirements.

  • Introduce best practises in improving quality of life and maximising productivity.

  • Compiling a Green factory manual complete with green building features, how to lead a green lifestyle, maintenance tasks and other operational information.

  • Staff training and awareness on project green features.

  • Providing any guidance to a stake holder if necessary.

  • Provide assistance in creating a clear marketing campaign and help generate awareness of the GREEN credentials of the project.

  • Provide any other sustainability related advice, service and assistance within scope.

Expected date of completion: December, 2021

Sustainable Site Planning

The proposed project site is located in Pachapalayam Village of Coimbatore District

  1. Contaminated Site Remediation: The project is developed on an over exploited cotton grown areas. All the contaminated top soil has been removed and Measures like planting vegetation, Use of red soil large quantities of coco peat, river sand and vermicompost were carried out. With 1 year of operation there is noticeable improvement in the vegetation and general biodiversity on site.

  2. Access to Public Transport / Shuttle Services: The company has provided accommodation facilities for 70% of employees who are contract workers, this accommodation for its workforce. It has its own shuttle bus service for the rest of the employees.

  3. Natural Topography or Landscape: About 25% of the site has been reserved for soft scaping which are at back end and on the roadsides at the entrance of the factory. The company has a total of 26.9% site as landscape area out of which 70% is covered with drought tolerant species

  4. Heat Island Effect – Roof & Parking Area: More than 72% Non-roof areas are covered with P-lants or Blocks with hish SRI Value. 100% Roof Area which are exposed to sky are covered with high reflective material and / or vegetation

  5. Design for Differently Abled: The designs include one toilet on the ground floor to cater to wheelchair use, Walkways/ pathways with adequate width in exterior areas, Ramps, Visual warning signages, one reserved parking for differently abled

  6. Night Sky Pollution Reduction: The project has used Solar lights for Parking & Driveways which results in LPD reduction of 86.22%.

Reducing water consumption

  1. The project has covered more than 70% of its area using Drought Tolerant species. Plants are connected by a drip irrigation channels which are controlled by a central shut off and pressure regulating devices.

  2. The project has proposed to harvest 100% of the rain water run off and direct it partly to storage tank and the rest is used for ground water recharge. The storage pond has a capacity of 2000 CUM (20 lakh liters) and has been designed to handle peak flow. The stored water is latter used for domestic & irrigation purposes.

  3. The project has planned to treat 100% of its generated waste water for which 25KLD STP is being developed.

  4. The project will move to waterless Urinals in Phase II. While in Phase I, existing urinals will adopt a no flush program which will allow the project to have significant water savings.

Energy Efficiency

  1. The project uses efficient HVAC and refrigeration equipment with the least Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and the least Global Warming potential (GWP). The project uses an air cooled VRV system with R410 refrigerant.

  2. The project has installed Cool roof & Glazing measures to reduce the incident solar radiation entering the building.

  3. External Lights are of LPD 0.2 W/Sq.m, Common area lights are of 1.5W/Sq.m. Timer and Motion sensors are also installed.

  4. On completion the factory will have a total solar photovoltaic capacity of 100 KW

  5. Energy meters are located in the lines of bore water pumping, drinking water pumping, external lighting, Air Conditioning, Internal lighting


  1. The total money value of all the recycled content used in various building materials in the project is over 20%, thereby reducing the environmental impact caused due to the use of virgin materials.

  2. More than 88% woods used of Rapidly Renewable or FSC Certified

Indoor Environmental Quality

  1. The entire factory development will be declared no smoking zones

  2. The entire development has opted to eliminate the use of asbestos.

  3. All paints, sealants, adhesives will be procured as per IGBC requirements

  4. Breakout spaces like covered gym, Canteen were installed in the factory to cater 5% of the population

  5. The project team is using IGBC Green -Pro certified house keeping chemicals. The team has also declared to use the same in Phase II buildings.

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