Green Building Solutions

InHabit & BuildScape are a one stop shop for your green building procurement needs. We procure and integrate materials and systems that have proven green credentials and which have a direct impact on improving the environmental performance of your buildings.

Some of these materials and systems include:

  • Radiant Cooling/Heating

  • Renewable Energy & Automation Systems

  • Waterless Urinals & Organic Housekeeping Solutions

  • Green Paints and Construction Chemicals

  • Custom Retrofit Solutions

The products and systems above are provided directly by InHabit & BuildScape or procured through our carefully selected supplier network. Every supplier has been chosen with due deliberation of their manufacturing process, product quality, green credentials and finally the ability of the product to contribute to Green Building credits.

CARE range of products are GreenPro certified.

Say no to Chemicals. Try the organic solution NOW.

Zerodor Waterless Urinals remove odour and turn your restrooms into a clean, hygienic place that you cannot stop showing off.

Zerodor does not require replaceable parts or consumables. It can be retrofitted to most urinal pans.

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Biologically advanced natural deep cleaner for all types of Sanitary Wares, Ceramic Bowls and Pans.

Controls odour emitted from restroom receptacles.

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Advanced Biological Treatment for restroom drains and floor traps.

Digests salt depositions and body oil / fat based dirt, eliminates clogging and restores free flow

Organic and neutral solution that does not damages the drain lines.

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Useful for hard surfaces: Floors, Glass & Mirrors, Kitchen & Bathroom sinks and Household fixtures.

Active microorganism based natural Degreaser, Cleaner and Odour Controller

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Specially formulated solution suitable for areas like Hospitals, Kitchen areas and Dining areas.

Non bacterial natural cleaner meant for Cleaning and Degreasing hard surfaces.

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Organic and neutral bacterial culture that doesn’t damage kitchen drain lines and grease traps.

Breaks complex chains of fatty acids & oil into water

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Wide range of application areas like Carpet & Upholstery, Car Interiors, Restroom & Public areas, Laundry & Locker Rooms, Fitness Facilities.

Deep cleans the pores of surfaces, degrades residual organic matter and eliminates persistent mal-odor by destroying the source.

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Effective in Garbage Collection Areas, Waste Collection Areas, Flood & Fire Odors

Degrades volatile Amines and Mercaptans.

Selectively adapted bacteria in the formulation is very effective in controlling odor. The formulation does not have any artificial fragrance.

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Designed for STP, ETP and On-Site Wastewater Treament Facilities.

Reduces odor and surface scum in 24 to 48 hours, accompanied by reduction in solids, BOD and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

Controls the COD, helps in saving energy and reduces excess sludge generation.

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Designed especially for Sump Tanks, Collection Systems and Septic Tanks.

Reduces BOD and controls COD & Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

Reduces the scavenging of septic tank cycles 8-10 times by degrading Fats, Oil, Grease, Starch, Proteins, Triglycerides, Foaming Surfactant, Soap, Phenols and Amines.

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Biodegradable solution for all Urinals & Toilets.

Contains active micro organisms and blend of cleaning, water softening & odour eliminating agents.

Eliminates odour, cleans, prevents blockages and saves water.

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Happy Customers

Our Partners

InHabit is the official systems integrator for Rehau Polymer Solutions in the Coimbatore and Tiruppur region.

Rehau has products that supplements air-conditioning / centralized heating system or both. RAUTHERM S pipes made of polyethylene cross linked PE-Xa pipes are embedded into the floor, walls or ceilings of the buildings under which hot or cold water is circulated as per the requirement in order to achieve human/Process comfort temperatures and energy savings. This can be used in your process areas and comfort cooling areas to in replacement of conventional HVAC systems.

BuildScape is an official channel partner and distributor for the Zerodor and CARE range of products from Ekam Eco Solutions for the Coimbatore and surrounding districts.

Products from EKAM are inspired by nature and designed to sustain the local realities of a developing world.

The BuildScape team supplies, installs and provides on-site training to facility maintenance teams in the optimum use of Zerodor products.

All products are supplied with minimum lead time to ensure facilities never run out of product.

BuildScape is the official channel partner & large scale applicator for Pidilite Industries; Dr.Fixit and Roff range of construction chemicals.

The BuildScape wholesale store deals exclusively in Dr.Fixit and Roff range of waterproofing, building repair/restoration and tile/stone fixing products.

BuildScape is a recognised projects distributor and certified applicator for the region and also acts as knowledge centre helping applicators and project teams choose the right products for their application.

InHabit is the official channel partner for SunAlpha Energy in the Coimbatore and Tiruppur region.

SunAlpha, which was recently awarded India's Most Promising Brand in the renewables sector, is an onsite and offsite solar energy provider for industries and commercial businesses.

Apart from the regular capex model consumers now have the choice of the BOOT (Build - Own - Operate - Transfer) model where the consumer has ZERO upfront investment and merely enters into a long term Power Purchase Agreement. The power sold to the consumer will under all circumstances cost lower than your current electricity purchase costs.