​Building Green makes Business Sense

09.07.21 06:27 PM Comment(s) By Vinoth Kumar

There has never been a better time to build certified green developments. People are now fully aware of the resource crunch the country is faced with and are increasingly demanding self sustaining efficient developments that cost less to operate. One of the best and perhaps the least technically challenging method of judging a development is to check if the project has been certified GREEN. Today any developer/promoter has the option of getting their project certified GREEN from the Indian Green Building Council or The Energy Resources Institute. These certifications come with varying slabs which inform a home buyer how energy & water efficient the home really is. These certifications also require the project to have sustainable site planning, enhanced indoor environmental quality, use of non toxic environmentally friendly materials and onsite waste management.

All these aspects are well documented and can be made available to the home buyers to ease the painful process of choosing the best home. There is nothing to say that a project that does not have a certificate is not high performance, the fact is that there are many uncertified developments that take a stronger approach towards environmental performance than certified one's but who is to check this? This is where we come in. 

We help developers and architects device the best strategies to build green at the lowest cost possible. Through Solar Passive designs, enhanced water management, Smart system and material choice we help project to score maximum points within the budget.

Most projects can go green for no more than 2% to 5% cost escalation. We provide green building facilitation services for the following rating systems: IGBC Green Homes

Vinoth Kumar

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