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Building owners constantly struggle with the elements of nature when maintaining their properties. Ultimately, minor problems will surface during the building’s life. Water damage is the number one problem for building management crews. Water damage is a major problem causing tenant dissatisfaction, costly damage to interior and air quality problems related to Mold.

BuildScape, is a certified Dr.Fixit & Roff large scale applicator and provides all types of waterproofing, painting and building restoration services in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Our turnkey solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Terrace Waterproofing and Repair
  • Exterior and interior walls repair and painting
  •  Bathroom Waterproofing and Tile Re-grouting
  • Specialized Waterproofing and Root Barrier for Green Roofs
  • High end exterior and interior putty, painting and finishing services
  • Water Tanks & Other Water Retaining structures
  • Below Grade Waterproofing Installation
  • Wall crack repair and finishing
  • Garage/Balcony Deck Coating Repairs & Installation
  • High Performance Vertical Coating Installation
  • Sealant Removal & Replacement
  • Re-bar and steel rust removal and protection
  • Expansion Joint Repair & Installation
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings for industrial floors and clean rooms
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-algae treatments for water tanks.
  • Core cut packing and waterproofing
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Project Portfolio & Gallery

All Categories
Conceret & Metal Roof
Basement and Grouting
Bathrooom & Wet Area
Water Tank
All Categories
Concrete & Metal Roof
Bathrooms & Wet Area
Basements & Grouting
Water Tank
Conceret & Metal Roof
General Electric Coil Shop
Ortho One Hospital Waterproofing
Residence Epoxy Chips Laying
Prachi Exports Waterproofing
Singh Residence Waterproofing
Zaveri Brother's Terrace Waterproofing
Saffron Krishna Kuttiya waterproofing
Ms. Anandhi Residence Waterproofing
Rishab Creations  Waterproofing
Varun Group Waterproofing
Tharika Jewellers Waterproofing
Mr. Vibheeshan Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Nasir Residence Waterproofing
MLL Complex Waterproofing
Badiga Residence waterproofing
Vigneswar Textiles Terrace waterproofing
Maruti Petrol Bunk
Mettupalayam Railway Hospital Waterproofing
Paramount Courtyard Waterproofing
Rubotech Waterproofing
Laxmi Cycles Waterproofing
Ganga Sweets Residence Epoxy Work
TV Brother's Godown Waterproofing
Suzlon Energy Waterproofing
BuildScape Store Waterproofing
Prachi Export Grove Filling
Sahuwala Mills Waterproof 
Ms. Liz John Residence Pitched Roof
Gupta Residence Waterproofing
LNGS Waterproofing
Mr. Hardik Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Rishab Residence Waterproofing
DNA Studio Waterproofing
Mr. Lunia Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Hemant Residence Terrace Waterproofing
Sovereign Eco Structure Terrace Waterproofing
Kamalesh Modi Residence 
Saffron Tulsi Terrace Waterproofing
Mr. Ram Sundar Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Ashish Residence Waterproofing
Aureus Identity Balcony Waterproofing
Basement and Grouting
KC Jasmin Waterproofing
Gadli Residence Waterproofing
Jalpaan Restaurant Waterproofing
Hotel The Arcadia Waterproofing
Laxmi Cycles Waterproofing
Varun Group Waterproofing
Bougainvillea Waterproofing
Mr. Tarawat Resience Pressure Grouting
Royal Agencies Foundation Grouting
Ganga Sweets Residency Epoxy Waterproofing
Saffron White House Terrace Waterproofing
Shroff Textile Waterproofing
Mr. Harinath Residence Tile Grouting
Ms. Sumathi Apartments Tile Grouting
Ram Sunder Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Madhu Residence Tile Grouting
Bathrooom & Wet Area
Krishna Bhavan Waterproofing
Mr. Amer Asher Residence Waterproofing
Sleepwell Building Waterproofing
Mr. Gadli Residence Waterproofing
Ganga Sweets Residence 
Right House Bathroom Waterproofing
Gadli Industries Waterproofing
Zaveri Brothers Waterproofing
Right House Tile Epoxy 
Mr. Ranjith Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Kamlesh Modi Waterproofing
Mr. Hakim Residence Waterproofing
Altin Bathroom Waterproofing 
Mr. Ranjith Residence Waterproofing
Mr. Dasbadri Residence 
Mr. Harinath Residence Waterproofing
Ms. Sumathi Apartment Waterproofing
Mr. Madhu Residence Waterproofing
Narayan Timber Bathroom Waterproofing
Water Tank
Saffron Bougainvillea Water Tank
Residential Water Tank
Saffron Buds Water Tank
Silver Spring Water Tank
Mr. Modi Residence Water Tank
Sierra ODC Water Tank
Saffron Peace Cottage Water Tank
Mr. Rishab Residence Water Tank
Sovereign OHT Waterproofing
Mr. Badri Residence OHT Water Tank
Ortho One Sump Tank Waterproofing
VR Complex Waterproofing
Varun Group Water Tank
Mr. Navaneethan Waterproofing
Khasamwala water Tank Waterproofing
Mr. Narendran Residence Water Tank
Goldfield Waterproofing
Ms. Aparna Residence Fish Tank
Narayan Timbers Bathroom