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    Don't just treat waste water, treat it the right way!
InHabit offers design, consulting and project management services towards Decentralised Wastewater Management which helps developments become self sufficient by ensuring a sustainable water supply.

The team at InHabit are experts at designing non mechanical waste water treatment systems for decentralised applications. These systems are site specific and can be used for domestic sewage in residential and commercial developments. It is used for recycling both “grey” and “black” domestic wastewater. All our designs follow the back to basics approach and require simple brick and mortar construction.

BIO-STP essentially condenses the full power of nature within a tiny footprint. The system uses anaerobic bacteria, activated sludge, expanded clay aggregate filters, activated charcoal filters, sand, gravel, earthworms and plants to create the perfect ecology that removes pollutants from the sewage giving out clean water. There is no need to bring in expensive equipment or employ complicated control systems. This system includes:

  • Primary treatment, which includes pre-treatment and sedimentation in grease trap, settlement tank or septic tank;

  • Secondary anaerobic treatment in baffled reactors containing charcoal and clay aggregate filters;

  • Tertiary aerobic/anaerobic treatment in reed bed system; and polishing in Ponds

The treated water can be reused for irrigation, flushing and any other external uses. The benefits of the system are:

  • Very cost effective for new construction projects.

  • Completely non mechanical and free of any chemical treatment

  • Very low maintenance requirements

  • Treatment of wastewater flows from 1-100 m³ per day

  • Fulfils discharge standards and environmental laws

  • No sewerage network involved

  • Easy integration to the landscape

  • Enhances local ecology
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Our Other Projects

Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS):
The team at InHabit are experts at designing RWH systems for all kinds of developments. Our designs follow the best practises laid out by the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi. The system design takes into account the site conditions, climate and client requirements to ensure a zero rainwater discharge development through collection, storage and ground recharge.