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  • Green Roof

    BuildScape is the first company in the Coimbatore region to provide turnkey green roof systems. The BuildScape - Green Roof systems come complete with best in class waterproofing and root barrier systems, protection liners, a drainage layer, a filter medium and our best mix of light weight growing medium and completed with design and planting of client choice.  

Green roofs, also called living or planted roofs, are systems of living plants and vegetation installed on the roof of an existing or new structure. Optionally, green roof has its own semi automatic sprinkler irrigation system to ensure optimum watering and evaporative cooling of the surroundings. The green roof system also saves large amounts of energy by providing insulation and radiant cooling to the floor below.

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How we work

InHabit & BuildScape has a unique advantage of being a green building consulting, waterproofing and a landscaping company under one roof. This rare combination allows us to create the most efficient, trouble free and aesthetically pleasing green roofs. All aspects of the green roof assembly are controlled by one project team providing customers with peace of mind and the confidence that their roof will continue to perform as intended.

A green roof can only be installed on roof tops, balconies or patios that are well drained and have sufficient sunlight. The roof has to be structurally sound with all vertical and horizontal assembly fully constructed of Reinforced Cement Concrete. The BuildScape green roof is a multi-layer system consisting of:

  1. Dual layer Polyurethane waterproofing

  2. HDPE liner root barrier system

  3. HDPE drainboards - drainage layer

  4. A geo-textile filter fabric

  5. Our propitiatory light weight, water retaining and mineral rich growing medium

  6. Non-invasive planting as appropriate for roofs.

  7. Irrigation system.

  8. Annual Maintenance

Contact us If you wish to view the BuildScape installation at our demo facility and also check the quality of components used in our systems.