• Covai S3 Senior Care Centre
    ​IGBC Green Societies Platinum Rated

InHabit has successfully completed the facilitation of IGBC Green Societies rating for Covai Senior Care Services Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore.

We are proud to announce that Covai S3 Senior Care Centre has been awarded the prestigious Platinum rating making it the highest ranking green residential society in Tamil Nadu. With an aggregate score of 80 points out of 100, Covai S3 is a trendsetter in the field of sustainable operations.

The IGBC Green Residential Society rating system is a unique system, in the sense that it addresses facility management, health, hygiene and infrastructural facilities besides energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality and waste management. Covai S3 has performed exceptionally well in all the above areas while scoring points for innovation in exceptional care provided to senior citizens. The society's performance has been tabulated below:

Key Features of the Covai S3 Green Residential Society
  • Covai S3 has followed some of the best facility management practises with green cleaning processes, green education for its residents and universal design
  • Covai S3 has provided excellent infrastructure that facilitates health and well being of its occupants.
  • Covai S3 excels in storm water management with all site run-off being directed to the developments rainwater harvesting pits.
  • All waste water is treated on site and reused for irrigating the landscape and organic farms.
  • The society completes the environmental loop in organic waste management where all the waste is converted to manure to be used in the organic farms and landscape.
  • Waste segregation and door to door collection is practised.
  • The society has individual water meters for every dwelling unit along with low flow fixtures and automatic water level controllers.
  • Meticulous housekeeping practises have been put in place to create the most healthy and hygienic environments for residents to live healthy.
  • Covai S3 boasts of the best senior care facilities in the country, which includes, imported senior friendly toilets, intra site electric buggies, healthcare centre, visiting doctors, yoga and meditation sessions and a facility management mobile app.
  • All villas and clubhouse are thoughtfully designed with excellent daylighting and ventilation creating the perfect indoor environment for learning to take place.
  • The society also excels in energy efficiency through the use of high performance lighting, appliances and equipment.
  • The society also saves huge quantities of water through efficient irrigation, bathroom fixtures and treated water reuse.
  • The society has a policy in place to ensure all future procurements meet the highest environmental standards.

Apart from the above Covai S3 has incorporated many other features, policies and systems to ensure it demonstrates global leadership in environmental performance and has been rewarded with the highest number of points and rating making Covai S3 the Greenest certified residential society in Tamil Nadu.

Our Scope of work

  • IGBC Green Society ratings facilitation services.
  • Energy analysis.
  • Efficient waste & water management planning.
  • Help improve energy efficiency and building comfort
  • Help improve Indoor Environmental Quality for better health and well being of students and staff
  • Marketing support and green building training for staff.
  • Preparing a green society policy
  • Green building strategic plan and Project management.
  • Materials and systems procurement and advisory services.
  • Regular site visits for measurement and monitoring.
  • Guidance on best practices.