• InHabit@Work
    EDGE ADVANCED Certified Green Building 
    With over 10,000 square feet of space dedicated to community working starting from a mini food court, private offices, open plan private desks, training facility, meeting rooms and a roof garden dining; people and their well-being are at the core of every aspect of the design.

Energy Savings

82.39 MWh/Year

Water Savings 

1323.32 KLD/ Year

Embodied Energy Savings

51.63 tCO2/Year

Utility Cost Reduction 

56,655.28 Rs/Month

Operational Co2 Savings 

51.63 tCO2/Year

Payback in Year

2.94 Year

We are thrilled to inform own office building and our upcoming Co-Working space is the first building in Coimbatore to achieve the EDGE ADVANCED green building preliminary certification.

InHabit@Work will provide best in class Indoor Environment Quality giving utmost importance to health and productivity of occupants. In spite of being located in the congested city centre, the building has 100% daylighting with access to views and connectivity to nature through various biophilic elements like terrace gardens, green walls and water bodies.

The centralised air conditioning is a one of its kind hybrid system using a combination of radiant cooling with chilled water supplied through a LG hydrokit powered by the centralised air cooled VRF system which also provides additional cooling and dehumidification. Additionally, there is a dedicated Treated Fresh Air unit with heat recovery working along with high efficiency BLDC ceiling fans.

There are many other unique features that have helped improve the environmental performance of the building.

  • Optimised Window to Wall Ratio for 100% daylighting and 75% views.
  • Insulated roof using green roof system and water body for entire roof area.
  • Cool roof coating for balance exposed roof area.
  • Saint Gobain Cool Lite ST 136 high performance glazing for all windows.
  • High Performance BLDC Ceiling Fans for Office Spaces.
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Cooling System.
  • Dedicated fresh air supply through Treated Fresh System.
  • Coimbatore's first Radiant Cooling System with LG Hydrokit
  • Energy-Saving Light fixtures- Internal & External Spaces
  • Lighting Controls for Corridors and Staircases
  • Occupancy Sensors in Bathrooms, Conference Rooms, and Closed Cabins
  • Daylight Photoelectric Sensors for Internal Spaces
  • 10KW roof top Solar Photovoltaic system
  • Distributed power generation using smart changeover between grid, gen-set and solar

  • Ultra Low-Flow faucets in Bathrooms (1 LPM)
  • Efficient Flush (4 LPF) for Water Closets in all bathrooms
  • Waterless Urinals in gents toilet.
  • Ultra low flow faucets for Kitchen Sinks (2.5 LPM)
  • 3 days storage for rainwater with pre-filtration
  • Rainwater reused for domestic supply.
  • Coimbatore's first roof top Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System
  • Treated water reused for toilet flushing and gardening.
  • Excess treated water supplied to neighbouring school garden.
  • Treated water used for roof top water body.
  • Organic enzyme based cleaning solutions used.

  • Floor Slabs - Mother slab used as final floor finish using concrete polishing methods.
  • Roof Construction - 15% re-rolled steel In-Situ Reinforced Concrete Slab
  • External Walls - Reuse of Existing Walls from neighbours building
  • External Walls - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks with 45% fly-ash cement replacement.
  • Internal Walls - Fly-Ash Stabilized Soil Blocks
  • Gypsum plaster for all interior wall finishes
  • Pozzolana Portland Cement used for all construction.
  • 22.5% fly-ash replacement of cement in all RMC
  • Organic cleaning supplies, organic STP and organic gardening.
  • Window Frames - UPVC
  • Waste segregation system.