​IGBC Platinum Certified Green Homes

InHabit is proud to announce that our project RBD Stillwaters - 21 Villas is among the highest-ranking IGBC Green Homes Platinum-Certified development rated by Indian Green Building Council under the IGBC Green Homes V2 rating system, making it a trendsetter in luxury green living.

InHabit has provided IGBC Green Homes consultation and ratings facilitation services to RBD Shelters Private Limited for their low rise villa project, "RBD Stillwaters" at Haralur, Bengaluru.

Stillwaters has scored 85 points out of the available 100 points making it among the regions Highest ranking IGBC Green Homes  Certified Building rated by IGBC under V2.

The objective of IGBC Green Homes® is to facilitate the effective use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, handling of house-hold waste, optimum material utilization and design for healthy, comfortable & environmentally friendly homes.

These homes are third party reviewed, tested and certified such that home buyers can confidently invest knowing these buildings will perform better than conventional buildings. 

The project team has used the rating system as a guidance at early design stage and has provisioned the following green features at the development:
Sustainable Sites and Planning
  1. All required environmental clearances and government approval were obtained.
  2. Soil erosion and sedimentation control measures recommended in the National Building Code 2005 were followed, thereby reducing negative impact on the site and its surroundings.
  3. This being a gated community with its own modern facilities with most of the basic facilities have been provided on campus itself.
  4. The campus has well over 20% of its area under soft landscaping in order to minimise site disturbance, thereby reducing long term environmental impact. 
  5. Over 5% of the softscape area is reserved for fruit and vegetable plantations. 
  6. The team has used open grid paver blocks and grasscrete extensively within the project for more than 95% of the Non Roof Hard Surface to reduce heat islands to minimise impact on microclimate
  7. The project has high albedo Sika® CoolCoat for the entire available roof area in all buildings for more than 75% after installation of solar hot water systems, booster pumps and other equipment. 
  8. The project team has installed 32 AMP electric charging points at the parking of every villa and there are charging points at visitor parking areas as well.
  9. RBD Stillwaters has universal design as its primary design goals.
Water Efficiency
  1. The project has more than 40% of the landscape area is planted with drought tolerant species and minimising lawn areas to less than 20% of the softscape area. 
  2. The project harvests 100% of the rainwater runoff on site through decentralised groundwater recharge replenishing a defunct borewell after sufficient pre-treatment.
  3. The project saves over 40% potable water through use of efficient plumbing fixtures.
  4. The project treats 100% of the waste water and same is used for irrigation and Flushing purposes.
Energy Efficiency
  1. The buildings have optimised design features, high performance materials and equipment to achieve over 17.8% in energy savings every year.
  2. Every villa has been installed with high performance glass ST 167 from Saint Gobain to reduce heat gain within the villa. 
  3. The project has installed solar thermal hot water systems of capacity of 2200 litres, hence making up well over 75% of the total hot water requirement in the villas.
  4. The project has 100% power backup using DG sets and synchronised panels such that the three DG sets switch on and off  only based on actual demand. 
Materials & Resources
  1. The organic waste collected will be taken through a composting machine to be converted to manure and used to maintain the soft landscaping within the project.
  2. The project has organic waste composter machine, provided to manage 100% of the organic waste within the site.
  3. The project has diverted 95% of the construction waste from going to landfills.
  4. The project has crossed the 25% threshold without much difficulty for procuring materials with Recycled Content.
  5. The project is meeting 80% criteria comfortably and scores an additional point for exemplary performance in Local Materials with most materials manufactured within a 100 Km radius of the project. 

Indoor Environmental Quality
  1. The common areas in the entire campus is Tobacco Smoke Free.
  2. The project is designed to ensure almost 100% of the regularly occupied spaces are daylit in all the villas.
  3. The project has met the 30% enhanced fresh air ventilation for all the villas.
  4. Special care was taken to ensure all regularly occupied living spaces have cross ventilation
  5. All bathrooms in villas were provided with an exhaust system that exhausts at a minimum rate of 1 CFM per Sq/ft with a minimum of 50 CFM.
  6. The project team has used paints, adhesives and sealants that meet the VOC limit prescribed by the IGBC.
  7. The inherent design goal of the project team was to ensure the buildings remain comfortable even if they are non-air conditioned.
Innovation and Design Process
  1. The project team has done exemplary performance in Solar Hot water Systems, Rain water Harvesting, Water Efficient Plumbing Fixtures.
  2. The project hired IGBC Accredited Professionals for the facilitation works.