• Srivari Trisara
    IGBC Platinum (Pre-Certified) Rated Green Factory 

InHabit is providing green building facilitation services to Srivari Property Developers towards their mixed multi-dwelling project consisting of high rise residential apartments and villas "Srivari Gardenia" at Trichy Road, Coimbatore. Srivari has achieved the prestigious platinum pre-certification in the IGBC Green Homes Rating system.

Sustainable Site Planning

  1. Natural Topography & Vegetation: 24% of area is landscaped. Of which 20.20% is on ground, remaining on the podium.

  2. 100% Heat island reduction on roof by installing Cool roof & Hardscape Materials with SRI value >29 and <64

  3. Over 70% of the common areas have been designed to ensure sufficient daylighting.

  4. Universal Design features like preferred parking spot for the differently abled, Toilets, Wheelchair and stretcher provision is provided at the service room, Walkways/ pathways with adequate width in exterior areas, Visual warning signage in common areas & exterior areas, Railings, Ramps, Lifts.

  5. 38% of parking facility will be provided with Electric charging units

  6. Green Education & Awareness manual will be circulated among residents

Reducing water consumption

  1. 43% water saving by installing water efficient plumbing fixtures

  2. 23.95% of area is under landscape of which 68.6% is drought species

  3. 100% waste water is treated and will be used for landscaping & flushing purposes.

  4. 100% of rain water is harvested

Energy Efficiency

  1. The project will install Cool roof & Glazing measures to reduce the incident solar radiation entering the building.

  2. The project has proposed to install BEE 3 star rated air conditioners

  3. Solar hot water capacity of 12000 litres will be installed

  4. 61 kW Solar panels will be installed which will generate 92,663 kW/yr. 100% of common area lighting will be met through Solar PV

  5. Energy meters will be located in the lines of every dwelling unit, bore water pumping, drinking water pumping, external lighting, Air Conditioning, Clubhouse lighting


  1. The total monetary value of all the recycled content to be used in various building materials in the project is over 20%, that of certified green products will be 40% thereby reducing the environmental impact caused due to the use of virgin materials.

  2. 100% woods to be used are of Rapidly Renewable or FSC Certified.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  1. The entire development has opted to eliminate the use of asbestos.

  2. All paints, sealants, adhesives are Low VOC and non toxic.

  3. Breakout spaces like covered gym will be installed in the factory to cater 5% of the population

Scope of work
  • IGBC Green Homes V3 rating facilitation services.

  • Introduce best practises in energy & water management.

  • Provide accurate energy efficiency and water efficiency data.

  • Help minimise waste during construction and introduce best practises in waste management post occupancy.

  • Improving indoor environmental quality to meet minimum daylighting and ventilation requirements.

  • Introduce best practises in improving quality of life and maximising productivity.

  • Compiling a Green Home Owner's Manual complete with green building features, how to lead a green lifestyle, maintenance tasks and other operational information.

  • Staff training and awareness on project green features.

  • Providing any guidance to a stake holder if necessary.

  • Provide assistance in creating a clear marketing campaign and help generate awareness of the GREEN credentials of the project.

  • Provide any other sustainability related advice, service and assistance within scope.

Expected date of completion: July 2021