• Vakaman Kota GoldFields

InHabit is providing green building facilitation services to Vakaman Kota Enterprises towards their multi-dwelling residential villa project "Vakaman Kota GoldFields" at Nava India, Coimbatore. Vakaman Kota has achieved the prestigious platinum pre-certification in the IGBC Green Homes Rating system.

Scope of work
  • IGBC Green Homes V3 rating facilitation services.
  • Introduce best practises in energy & water management.
  • Provide accurate energy efficiency and water efficiency data.
  • Help minimise waste during construction and introduce best practises in waste management post occupancy.
  • Improving indoor environmental quality to meet minimum daylighting and ventilation requirements.
  • Introduce best practises in improving quality of life and maximising productivity.
  • Compiling a Green Home Owner's Manual complete with green building features, how to lead a green lifestyle, maintenance tasks and other operational information.
  • Staff training and awareness on project green features.
  • Providing any guidance to a stake holder if necessary.
  • Provide assistance in creating a clear marketing campaign and help generate awareness of the GREEN credentials of the project.
  • Provide any other sustainability related advice, service and assistance within scope.

Expected date of completion: July 2021