Cool Roof for Cool Buildings

30.07.21 11:27 AM Comment(s) By Vinoth Kumar

Cool Roof for Cool Buildings

The long and hot summer is now up on us. This is the time we crank up our air conditioners and this is also the time when we face highest power shortages. A large part of this heat comes from the sun's energy falling on the roof. The heat energy gets stored in the roof slab, walls and other high thermal mass items within the building. This energy is then transmitted indoors throughout the day and in the evening making us feel uncomfortable at the same time increasing the load on the air conditioning systems. 

One of the quickest and the most economical way to mitigate this additional heat from entering our building is to install a cool roof (roof with high reflectivity and emissivity). We use specialised ceramic paint coatings with Solar Reflective Index of 84%, which essentially means that 84% of the heat falling on the roof surface in reflected or emitted back to the sky. We provide a seamless finish to the roof by repairing gaps, cracks and any moisture problems. 

The expandable nature of the coating provides a dual benefit of heat reduction along with waterproofing that too with an 8 year guarantee. The cool roof reduces the indoor temperature by up to 5 degrees thereby providing a payback of less than two years through energy saved on cooling. 

When factoring the cost of waterproofing and roof repair the payback is less than one year. In a factory setting the cool roof can help improve worker productivity and equipment life.

Please follow the links below to learn more about cool roofs and how it can keep you cool and comfortable for the next eight summers.

BuildScape Cool Roof

Please note: We are not product manufacturers, we are contractors that take up cool roof projects on turnkey basis using Dr. Fixit products and provide 5 year warranty against damages.

We believe that we have an excellent mix of services and products that ensure a smart, high performance and sustainable built environment. Please Contact us  InHabit and Buildscape  if you wish to discuss your project, the costs involved, the process and anything else you wish to learn about cool roofs.

Vinoth Kumar

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