• eFACiLiTY®  Building - India's Healthiest Building
    ​International Well Building Institute
    Platinum Certified Building

  • InHabit is proud to announce that SIERRA’s eFACiLiTY® Building is India's highest-ranking WELL Platinum-certified building rated by International WELL Building Institute under the WELL V2 rating system, making it the healthiest building in the country.
  • WELL is a leading tool for advancing health and safety in buildings globally.
  • InHabit has provided IWBI WELL building consultation and ratings facilitation services to SIERRA ODC Private Limited for their head office, "eFACiLiTY® " at Kalapatti, Coimbatore. eFACiLiTY®  has scored 86 points out of the available 100 points making it India's Highest ranking WELL Certified Building rated by IWBI under WELL V2 Q1 2019.
  • WELL certification is considered to be among the most rigorous building rating framework in the world. In the WELL V2 category, eFACiLiTY®  is among the top buildings in the world.
  • Apart from being a WELL Certified building eFACiLiTY®  is also India’s Highest ranking Green Building by a distance.
  • At the time of certification, eFACiLiTY®  is India's largest WELL Certified building in India.
  • eFACiLiTY®  is also one of the most intelligent, automated and smartest buildings in the region.
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Did you know that we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors? That’s why when you enter eFACiLiTY® Building you can have the confidence that the space is supporting your health, safety and well-being. SIERRA ODC Private Limited has incorporated an array of positive, health-focused changes such as Ergonomic furniture, water quality standards, circadian lighting, air purifiers, healthy food menu and outdoor physical activity spaces. These changes have helped us to cultivate an environment that places YOU first. 

Embracing principles of sustainability from the project’s inception, eFACiLiTY® is also the highest scoring LEED NC Platinum certified office building in the region and also one of the most innovative smart buildings with its range of latest-tech building management systems, controls and automation. The project is especially important as it could be a trendsetter in the region and provides a peek into what the buildings of the future must be.  Click on the tabs below to see what actions were taken in each of the metrics to achieve this high score.

Air quality monitors are placed at every regularly occupied zone

  • SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® has met enhanced thresholds for Particulate Matter with PM2.5 < 12μg/m³ and PM10<30μg/m³
  • Enhanced thresholds for organic gases like formaldehyde, benzene and inorganic gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen di oxide and ozone were met.
  • The building provides 60% enhanced ventilation above ASHRAE standards, the demand control ventilation ensures minimum impact on energy efficiency. 
  • The building has a robust air quality monitoring system in place measuring CO2, VOCs and formaldehyde levels. 
  • eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App promotes air quality awareness and notifies the occupants in case any of the gases go above thresholds informing occupants to open windows and take other corrective actions. 
  • All high humidity areas are sufficiently exhausted.    
Drinking Water Promotion
Drinking water is tested and promoted
  • At SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building the team conducted a year long test and review of all its water supply and storage systems. 
  • Regular tests were conducted for all dissolved metal, organic pollutants, disinfectant by-products, herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers and public water additives like chlorine. 
  • The above test results are submitted every year to IWBI and circulated among occupants through the eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App. 
  • Drinking water taste parameters are tested every year and water consumption is promoted at every regularly occupied space in the building. 
  • Building was thoroughly checked for any internal or external moisture damage.  
Subsidised nutritional food is served to all employees
  • At SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building subsidised nutritional food is provided to all employees. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is promoted and made available during every meal.
  • Nutritional information containing allergy information, primary ingredients, macro-nutrient content, total calories and sugar content are displayed at the food counter so that informed decisions can be made. 
  • All beverages with more than 25g of sugar are banned along with items containing hydrogenated oils. 
  • All plates have been reduced in size to less than 10 inches to ensure portion control. 
  • eFACiLiTY® building has a roof top kitchen garden to promote food production within site. 
  • The staff are provided regular education on nutrition, healthy cooking and gardening support. 
Supplemental task lighting is provided on request
  • Over 86% of all regularly occupied spaces have optimum daylighting and access to outdoor views through vision glazing. 
  • All indoor and outdoor spaces have met the ISO standards for illuminance with detailed lighting plan taking into account the activity in each space. 
  • SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building is one of the few buildings in the region having automated glare control blinds that operate based on the movement of the sun around the building. 
  • All electric lighting in the building has a Colour Rendering Index of above 90 and low risk level of flicker.
  • Supplemental task lighting is available on request to all employees.
  • Every luminaire in the building meets the Unified Glare Rating of less than 19.
  • Lighting for circadian system is achieved by providing minimum brightness of 163 melanopic equivalent daylight in all spaces.
The building has a dedicated gym and activity room
  • At SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building, ergonomic furniture meeting the international standards are provided to all employees. Additionally, employees can request height adjustable monitors, standing desks, anti-fatigue mats and foot rests.
  • Ergonomics education is regularly circulated to all employees through the eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App highlighting the importance of the right posture, risk factors and  recognising symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. 
  • Hallways and staircases have artwork, daylighting and plants to encourage employees to use the stars instead of the lift. 
  • Bi-cycle storage, repair kits, changing and showering facilities are provided. 
  • Physical activity spaces with dedicated cardio and strength training equipment is provided. 
  • The building also has a open air plaza, a jogging track, volley ball court and periodical yoga sessions for all employees. 
Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • eFACiLiTY® building has met the ASHRAE 55 standards for thermal comfort and has an overall dissatisfaction rate of less than 10% computed through an annual anonymous survey of all the occupants to check their comfort levels in office. 
  • The dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, air speed and mean radiant temperature are monitored regularly and results are shared every year with IWBI. 
  • A flexible dress code policy is followed to allow for individual thermal preferences. 
  • Relative humidity in all regularly occupied spaces is maintained between 30% to 60% throughout the year. 
  • Additional stand alone HRV systems that pump in dehumidified fresh air are installed at the densely occupied zones of the office. 
  • All indoor units can be controlled through the eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App, giving full control to employees to manage their work zones. 
Wooden panel walls and sound absorbent ceiling tiles.
  • At SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building, every wall and partition is made of double layer wooden panelling that ensures a high Noise Isolation Class and low Sound Transmission between rooms. 
  • Different areas of the building have been declared and labelled as quiet zones, loud zones and mixed zones depending on the space use. 
  • All working zones in the building have an average background noise level of less than 45 Decibels. 
  • Over 75% of the ceiling have a Noise Reduction Class value of 0.7 or lower. 
  • The reverberation times achieved in all working areas is less than 0.6 Seconds. 
  • All doors opening to private offices and conference rooms have a door sweep at the bottom and gaskets on the head and jambs.   
Only greenpro certified organic cleaners are used for housekeeping.
  • At SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building, the material procurement has taken special care to ensue zero presence of Asbestos, mercury, lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium  and Polychloride Biphynyl in various building materials. 
  • A waste stream process is in place to manage the hazardous wastes like batteries, e-waste and lamps. 
  • Outdoor pesticide use has been eliminated completely. 
  • Notifications are sent out if any emergency pest management is planned. 
  • The building uses only greenpro certified organic cleaners that do not have any ingredients that are known to have carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances. 
  • The facility has a program in place to train the facilities staff in the right use of equipment, identification and disinfection of high touch surfaces and personal safety precautions. 
  • A procurement policy is in place to ensure all the above practices are followed for all future procurements.  
Employees have access to sleep pods
  • SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building has demonstrated full commitment to employee mental health by provisioning mental health screenings, stress management programs, education and resources to create mental health literacy among the occupants. 
  • Various locations at the premises offer access to nature, light and water and indirect connect to nature is created through use of natural materials, patterns and images. 
  •  Stress management plan is in place that allows employees to have a say in the organisational processes that might help reduce stress. 
  • Policies have been tweaked to allow employees to take micro breaks, paid time off, complete switch off during weekends, sickness and vacation. 
  • Occupant surveys are conducted every year to assess employee requirements and opportunities to request alternate workspaces, order noise cancelling headphones and do not disturb signs are provided. 
  • Tobacco cessation programs are offered to employees who use these products.
Sanitary pad incinerator for ladies toilets.
  • SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building has a robust communication mechanism in place through the eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility App informing the employees about the WELL features and how these impact their health.
  • Health and Wellbeing resources are provided free of cost and an annual email is sent out to reiterate the various programs and policies available to the employee benefits. 
  • Various design elements and features have been introduced in the building that create human delight, celebrate local culture and integrate art into the building. 
  • A written document detailing the project's health-oriented mission is produced in consultation with all stakeholders. This document outlines the objectives of health promotion, the mission statement, list of team members responsible to carry out the health related tasks and it incorporates all the 10 WELL concepts. 
  • Annual anonymous surveys are conducted among employees to gauge their general comfort levels with the ergonomics, thermal environment, aesthetics, cleanliness, amenities and food. 
  • All surveys conducted are reported annually to IWBI, ensuring 3rd party oversight. 
  • SIERRA ODC Private Limited offers ESI benefits to its employees through which various health services can be attained at a highly subsidised cost. All employees not covered under ESI have medical insurance being paid for by SIERRA.
  •  The facility has created a culture of health through various health promotion activities among its employees. 
  • Policies have been enhanced to allow employees eldercare support, bereavement support and opportunity to take off for doing volunteer work. 
WELL and LEED building tours are offered every week
  • All contributions made by employees to a charity of their choice are matched equally by SIERRA ODC Private Limited to enhance the contribution. 
  • The WELL program was facilitated by Yusuf Turab, InHabit & BuildScape, who is a WELL AP. Points are scored for hiring WELL APs
  • Regular building tours are offered to students and industry associations so that they can visit the facility, learn about the various features and maybe implement them in their spaces at some time. 
  • The building has in place an emergency preparedness plan complete with a full map and assembly points, emergency contacts and protocols to be followed.  
  • All bathrooms have been provided with essential accommodations like sanitary pads, trash receptacles, syringe drop box, toilet paper and infant changing tables. 
  • The project has scored innovation points for being a LEED certified building.  
SIERRA's eFACiLiTY® building at Kalpatti, Coimbatore is India’s top scoring LEED Platinum, IGBC NB Platinum and now WELL Platinum rated building and the smartest of the smart buildings. We will be sharing and publishing the knowledge we have gained, the technologies adopted and the innovations deployed in this green building openly on various platforms for everyone to improvise upon and replicate freely to make our planet greener and a safer place to live in. We hope the project will inspire more real estate developers to push the boundaries and also educate end users on what they must demand from the real estate developers. 

Visit greenestbuilding.com for more information about the project.