Kama Ayurveda Pvt Ltd - Tirupur
IGBC Green Factory - Platinum Rated Cosmetics Factory

InHabit is proud to announce that Kama Ayurveda has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Rating in the IGBC Green Factory Rating system.

InHabit has provided green building consultation and ratings facilitation services to Kama Ayurveda Factory at Palladam in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

With over 60% of the factory being developed by renovating an existing old structure and completely turning around contaminated barren land into beautiful native gardens, the factory has truly shown the way for brownfield redevelopment. The factory has also exceeded the national and local averages in energy, waste, water and human experience criteria's resulting in an excellent score of 82 out of the available 100 points in the IGBC Green Factory Rating System. 

Kama Ayurveda Factory has scored a phenomenal 82 points out of the available 100 points making it one of the top environmental performers in the region. 

Reducing Water Consumption
  1. The development achieves 33% potable water savings compared to IGBC standards by installing water efficient plumbing fixtures. 

  2. 100% of the irrigation demand is met through this treated wastewater from STP and ETP thereby reducing freshwater demand.

  3. 100% wastewater is treated to tertiary standards and is used for landscaping & flushing purposes.

  4. The site is a zero-discharge site with 100% of rainwater is stored and being recharged.

  5. Highly efficient drip and sprinkler irrigation systems are installed to further minimise non-potable water use.

  6. Domestic Water quality is regularly tested to ensure all BIS norms are met.

  7. All major sources of water consumption will be sub metered and monitored on a regular basis to identify any wastage. 

  8. All restrooms are being upgraded phase wise to incorporate waterless urinals.

Energy Efficiency
  1.  The project has 20 KW Solar PV system installed on the roof which caters to most of the non-process loads and has helped reduce the building's energy consumption by over 21%. 
  2. Energy simulations were carried out for the factory building and weighted average savings of the project in total is 27%.
  3. Energy meters have been installed in all major energy consuming areas including process loads and building loads.
  4. The entire factory, admin areas, conference room and other ancillary facilities are air conditioned and provided with adequate fresh air delivery system to ensure good indoor environment.
  5. All air-conditioning equipment is free from Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons
  6. Highly efficient ISI-rated DG set and off-grid solar energy system have been utilised to the decrease reliance on fossil fuels.
Sustainable site planning
  1. Extensive planting of trees and the use of native plant species for landscaping within the site to manage soil erosion effectively.
  2. 40% of the total site area has been reserved for soft scaping at the front and rear end of the factory units.
  3. The project site is well-connected to more than five basic amenities within 2 km distance from the main factory building entrance.
  4. .The project has treated more than 80% of exposed roof & non roof area with tree shadings and high SRI materials.
  5. To encourage the use of Non- fossil fuel vehicles, the project team has provided about 6 EV parking provisions with charging facilities for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.
Indoor Environment Quality
  1. The project is designed to ensure over 100% of the regularly occupied spaces have Fresh air ventilation.
  2. All common areas in the building are declared as no smoking zones. 
  3. Periodic indoor air quality tests are done to keep a check on indoor environmental conditions and remedial measures are taken as per the pollutant identified.  
  4. To minimise the work related fatigue, the project has provided an outdoor breakout space which caters for more than 5% of the total employees working in the factory.
  5. An open gym, serving a population of about 2% of the factory occupants is given to promote a healthy life style among factory workers.
  6. The factory follows a robust green cleaning policy and has fully upgraded to using only natural and organic green cleaners