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Green Building Products in India
India is a large country with almost too many people, and therefore, it has a never-ending appetite for commercial and residential developments. There are thousands of developers in the country. Moreover, construction in India is a very regional business with many
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The more sustainable Metro for Coimbatore City
After spending over 300 hours studying the current transportation scenario in Coimbatore and identifying some gaps in the current metro proposal, here I try to present a cheaper, more inclusive, relatively sustainable and a simply better version of the Coimbatore Metro.
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Cost of Green Building in India
The idea of green building is to limit the impact on the environment without compromising human comfort. The green building aims to achieve more with less, which is what makes this sector so interesting.
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LEED Certified Buildings Aren't Perfect
it is not the job of a rating system like LEED to teach one moral ethics or tell how much one should build, this should be done by the government planning authority when any plan is sent for approval.
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Challenges Facing Sustainable Architecture
The key to architectural sustainability is to work with, rather than against, nature; to sensitively exploit and simultaneously avoid damaging natural systems. Architectural sustainability mirrors the view that it is necessary to position human activities.
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Now getting on my nerves more than ever before!

Its 2 p.m and it's hot as hell! I have already spent the last two hours without any power and my UPS is on its last few drops before it becomes yet another victim of our government's incapability to supply us with adequate power. We have had an average of 8 hours of load shedding everyd...

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My building is GREENER! 

Speak to any entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur, an unsuccessful entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur and they will admit to one thing, they are big dreamers. In fact most of them spend more time dreaming than doing something about those dreams and thoughts. One of the reason is that quite of...

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The Top 10 Green Home Priorities
Not a single town, village or city in India has a 24*7 water supply, not a single water board charges its consumers the amount it costs the government
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India's need for Green Buildings
A Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) is a building that generates as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year. Energy-efficient building design and technologies as well as on-site energy-saving systems, like solar power and waste recycling, all help to make
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There's No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)
TNT is a quick journey through oil formation, peak oil, energy, economic growth, and resource depletion. The most important sequence is 17:18, which deals with GROWTH.
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Home Buyer Should Really be Asking
Swimming pool, gymnasium, jogging track, clubhouse, steam & sauna, spa, games room, movie hall and even a golf course are just some of the amenities developers seem to be offering to lure in home buyers.
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IGBC Project Experience Count Toward?
The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) does accept experience attained through IGBC projects. So, if you are already a LEED Green Associate, you can go right ahead and apply for the LEED AP with the speciality exam.
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Life After LEED AP?
Yes, LEED accredited professionals are highly sought-after worldwide and in India. The Green building market is only set to grow!
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Green Building Consulting and Corporate Social Responsibility
To provide Green building consultancy, an organisation needs to have a thorough understanding of the rating systems they plan to work with.
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Cool Roof for Cool Buildings
The long and hot summer is now upon us. This is when we crank up our air conditioners, which is also when we face the highest power shortages.
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​Building Green makes Business Sense
There has never been a better time to build certified green developments. People are now fully aware of the resource crunch the country is faced with and are increasingly demanding self-sustaining efficient developments that cost less to operate.
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​​Marketing Green Buildings for Property Developers
A common grouse among many property developers is that unless the buyers are willing to pay a premium on green developments, building
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Sustainable Planting Strategy for Green Roof in India
Someone raised a question today about what could be the most sustainable planting strategy for green roofs in India?
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​Do we need to better define what a Green Building is and what a Green Building is not?
The most common definition used to describe a green building here in India is "A green building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants,
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​​"GREEN is the new COOL and COOL is the new GREEN"
Green Roofs and Cool Roofs have become a very important component of sustainable urban development within the last 30 years. Growing environmental awareness and striking economical and ecological advantages are the driving forces for this great success.
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